Research & Reports

Impacts of Pre-Project Investment & Quality of Documents on Project Delivery Efficiencies (2021)

2014 Procurement Day Final Report

2013 Procurement Day Final Report

2012 Procurement Day Final Report

2012 Procurement Day Executive Summary

Estimated Costs and Impacts of Addressing Excess Construction Soils: RCCAO July 2012

Best Management Practices for  Handling Excess Construction Soils in Ontario: RCCAO November 2012

Financing Roads and Public Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: RCCAO January 2013 Survey of Municipal Soil Bylaws - RCCAO March 2013 Congestion Management in the GTHA, Balancing the Inverted Pendulum -- RCCAO Study April 2013

Mock Tender Program Proves eBonding Works - Surety Association of Canada report, April 9, 2013

County of Wellington Bridge Study - October 2013