CDAO response to Minister Guilbeault's Announcement

February 14, 2024

The Construction & Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO) expresses serious concern over Minister Guilbeault’s recent statement on discontinuing funding for new road infrastructure across Canada. We firmly believe that decisions to limit investment into critical infrastructure, especially with the ongoing housing crisis and expected population growth, are deeply problematic and concerning. Investing in infrastructure, particularly transportation and transit, is one of the best ways to help Canada remain competitive and facilitate ongoing economic growth. Each dollar of critical infrastructure spending has a positive effect on the economy: in the short-term, by supporting jobs and businesses, leading to lower levels of unemployment and a higher level of economic growth; and, in the long-term, by boosting the competitiveness of businesses.

This investment is also vital for societal and community growth. As our cities welcome more residents, efficient and reliable transportation and transit networks are critical. We cannot address the housing supply crisis without having the proper enabling infrastructure in place of which transportation and transit are crucial components.

CDAO urges Minister Guilbeault to reconsider his stance and for the Federal Government to ensure the continued and dedicated investment in the building and maintain of transportation infrastructure to support Ontario and Canada’s growing communities.

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