CDAO 2024 Procurement Day

April 3, 2024

The Construction & Design Alliance of Ontario convened its highly anticipated 2024 Procurement Day on April 3, uniting procurement experts from both public and private sectors. Aimed at tackling pressing infrastructure procurement issues, the event fostered dialogue crucial for governmental and industrial stakeholders.

Identifying Optimal Procurement Methods

Central to the CDAO's mission is the pursuit of effective contract language facilitating successful collaboration among owners, designers, and contractors across diverse construction projects in the province. Through interactive workshops, participants delved into past project experiences, sharing insights on efficient practices, and addressing challenges in Risk Management, Design Services, and Construction Services. Additionally, the workshop shed light on prequalification hurdles, bid evaluations, and the implementation of Quality-based Selection methodologies.

Innovative Practices Amid COVID-19

Amid labour shortages, supply chain disruptions, and evolving safety mandates during the pandemic, Ontario's construction industry showcased resilience through innovative approaches. The panel, which included Carolyn Francis, Peter Smith, Andrew Pariser and Nadia Todorova, highlighted these adaptations, showcasing their potential to enhance project efficiency and quality in future endeavors.

E-Permitting: Transforming Municipal Operations

With digital transformation gaining momentum, e-permitting emerges as a cornerstone in streamlining municipal processes. The session, led by Jarkko Turtianinen, explored e-permitting’s role in promoting faster, transparent, and accessible local governance. Attendees gained insights into successful software integration, regulatory compliance, and the transformative impact of e-permitting on resource allocation and service delivery.

Deciphering the Sudbury Case Ruling

The Supreme Court of Canada's recent ruling on a pivotal Sudbury case reverberated across the construction landscape. The presentation, led by Patrick Groom from McMillan LLP, dissected the ruling's implications, particularly regarding actions classifying project owners as "employers" under Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act. Attendees gained clarity on requisite due diligence measures and the decision's industry-wide ramifications.

The 2024 CDAO's Procurement Day served as a vital platform for industry stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and navigate the evolving landscape of construction procurement in Ontario.


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